Mentaiko Mayonnaise Bagel

Combination of Mentaiko, spicy cod row and Mayonnaise is not originally traditional garniture of onigiri (rice bowl), however, it is now quite popular. You must try!

Mentaiko Mayonnaise Bagle_©Cupido

Cook & Photograph by Keiko Onodera



・1 piece bagel of wheat and rice flour
・10 g mentaiko (spicy cod roe)
・1 tsp. mayonnaise
・1 leaf perilla
・some pepper


Mentaiko is cod row marinated with chilli and seasoning. It is one of signature foods at Hakata, in Kyushu region.



1. Mix the mentaiko and mayonnaise, sprinkle some pepper. Mentaiko is already salty, so you don’t neet to season with salt or anything.
2. Halve the babel, put the perilla leaf and spread the mentaiko mayonnaise of the 1. Cover with the top part and serve it.