Miso Bolognese gratin with Summer Vegetables

Miso Bolognese gratin with Summer Vegetables_©CupidoSERVINGS:2


・ 2 aubergine(sliced to 0.5 mm)
・ 1 courgette(sliced to 0.5 mm)
・ 2 tomato(sliced to 0.5 mm)
・ salt
・ some olive oil
・ some flour to coat the vegetables
・ 200 g Miso Bolognese
・ 3 stalks thyme
・ some cheddar cheese
・ some extra virgin olive oil


1. Coat aubergine and courgette with salt and flour, then pan-fry until slightly gold. Take them out, set aside.
2. Put Miso Bolognese sauce on a gratin plate, line the vegetables alternately on the sauce. Sprinkle some olive oil, thyme and cheddar cheese.
3. Put it into oven at 180 ºC  for about 15 minutes. Serve hot.