Miso soup with scallop and mushroom

By using liquid in a can of boiled scallops, it brings out good flavor in a miso soup, even without dashi. If such type of scallops are not available, please add dashi just like other miso soup.

MisoSoup_scallop -1

Recipe by Kanako Gomi


2 cups water
1 can of boiled scallops in water
2 mushrooms, sliced
Some arugula, washed, for topping
10g miso paste

1.    Place water in a medium sauce pan and bring to a low simmer
2.    Add sliced mushrooms, simmer for 3 minutes
3.    Add scallops with liquid in the scallops can
4.    Stir in the Miso. Place the arugula for topping.
5.    Serve immediately