【Miso × Vegan】
Miso and Almond Dip

“Kurumi-miso”, simmered walnuts and miso a is traditionally preserved food in Japan. It has been eaten with meat, vegetables, and rice. In here, I use almonds instead of walnuts and make the dip healthier with tofu.

Miso and Almond Dip1_©Cupido





・1 tsp. miso
・60 g tofu
・20 g almond
・1 tsp. soy sauce
・1 tsp. honey
・some black pepper

Blanched vegetables:



1. Put all the ingredients into a blender and mix well. Adjust the taste with some salt if needed and pepper. Serve it with blanched vegetables.

Miso and Almond Dip2_©Cupido