【Miso × Vegetarian】
Miso Curry Dip

Miso is a fermented food and goes well with the other fermented food of yogurt. In Japan, we put miso into curry as a secret ingredient to enhance the flavour. Inspired by it, I organize the recipe to make miso as a dominant taste instead of a secret.

Miso Curry Dip 1_©Cupido




・2 tsp. miso
・60 g Greek yogurt (or drained normal yogurt)
・1 tsp. curry powder
・1 tsp. cumin
・2 tsp. sugar
・some salt and pepper

Grilled vegetables:



1. Put all the ingredients into a blender and mix well. Adjust the taste with some salt and pepper. Serve it with grilled vegetables.

Miso Curry Dip 2_©Cupido