Miyazaki Hiyajiru (Hibiki Inc.)


Miyazaki_Hiyajiru_localproducts_Chilled Soup

Miyazaki Hiyajiru

What is Miyazaki Hiyajiru?

Hiyajiru is a chilled soup and is a local cuisine of Miyazaki Prefedcture. It is also popular in Saitama Prefecutre and Yamagata Prefecture, but this particular product is made in Miyazaki Prefecture. Since long ago, it has been eaten during hot summers, when appetites decline. Hiyajiru is a dish which Hiyajiru is a dish which is made by putting fish such as horse mackerel, roasted sesame, and miso into an earthenware bowl, heating the bowl with fire, pouring soup stock in it, then putting tofu, thinly chopped cucumber, shiso, ginger, or others into it. It is also popular to eat the soup with rice boiled with barley. You can also eat it on top of  konjac noodles, soumen, or other noodles. Because this product can be eaten by just adding tofu and other toppings, it is very easy.


We Tried It!

Miyazaki_hiyajiru_localproducts_Chilled Soup

Miyazaki Hiyajiru

First, I tried drinking just the hiyajiru. It seems the fish used in the soup was sardines. The taste of the fish, soup, and the flavor of miso were all working together.  When added along with firm tofu, crispy cucumbers, and refreshing shiso, It is very delicious. It is an easy dish to eat during the hot summer.

Miyazaki_hiyajiru_localproducts_Chilled Soup_barley rice

Miyazaki Hiyajiru with barley rice

I also tried it with barley rice! As it mentions on the description of the product, I tried eating it without thinking too much about how I looked to others. Even when you do not have an appetite in the summer, you will definitely want to eat more and more of this. It is a predicted that I want to eat again soon.

It is Sold Here!

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