M0romi Miso  (Ezaki Vinegar Brewing Company, Inc.)

What is M0romi Miso?

Soy sauce and miso are made by fermenting raw materials such as rice, soybeans, and wheat with yeast and salt, then pressing and crushing them strongly. The solid millet that is made from this process is called “moromi”. Moromi miso is fermented after being covered with seasoning. This product seasons mashed miso with kelp, pepper, ginger, and more.


We Tried It!

Eaten with cucumbers and other raw vegetables, with the taste of miso spread over the fresh raw vegetables, the textured feel of the Moroni, and the slightly spicy kick that is undeniably accentuated, the flavor does not stop! Moromi miso is also suitable to be eaten with cooked rice, cold tofu, ochazuke, and baked rice balls.

Moromi miso_localproducts

Moromi Miso

 localproducts_Cucumbers _Moromi Miso

Cucumbers and Moromi Miso

Moromi Miso_cold tofu_localproducts

Cold tofu and Moromi Miso

Moromi Miso_rice_localproducts

Rice and Moromi Miso



It also has nutritional value!

Moromi miso contains energy, carbohydrates, protein lipids, and sodium nutrients. The isoflavones and vitamins found in moromi miso are also nutritious.

It is Sold Here!

The shop sells a variety of foods, such as special products, vegetables, sweets, and eggs that are products of Fukuoka Prefecture. It has not only products from Fukuoka, but also a lot of special products from Kyushu Prefecture which is nearby, so it is a fun shop to visit even if you are just looking around.