Nukadaki (Nukadaki Kobo Ajiyoshi)

What is Nukadaki?

It is a regional dish from Kittakyushu City in Fukuoka Prefecture. In a recipe passed down in families in that area for generations, blue fish (sardines, mackerel, and so on) is braised together with seasonings such as nukadoko※1, soy sauce, mirin, sugar, red pepper, Japanese pepper, and so on.  Nukadaki is very useful as a preserved food.

※1nukadoko : nukadoko is a mixture of water, salt, kelp, pepper, etc., added to “nuka”, which is the part of a peel, seed coat, embryo and so on which comes from when brown rice is made into white rice.


We Tried It!

The fishy odor that is peculiar to blue fish was almost gone and the fish was cooked softly to the bone, so even children will be able to enjoy this dish. The complex taste of fermented rice bran mixes well the fish, permeated by the taste of other seasonings such as soy sauce, when eaten together with rice makes you want to keep eating it.  At home, we ate it with grated radish. It also pairs well with alcohol. It is a food that can be eaten easily as soon as you open the seal, but it can also become the main dish for dinner, which is a great help!

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Nutritional Value Too!

Because nukadaki is stewed soft to the bone, you can eat it whole (bones and all), which gives you calcium. Also, fermented rice bran contains a lot of lactic acid bacteria that helps with intestinal function, which is said to be good for health and beauty.


It is Sold Here!

Nukadaki Kobo Ajiyoshi is a shop selling various foods such as special products, fresh vegetables, sweets, eggs, etc. in Fukuoka Prefecture. They sell products not only from Fukuoka Prefecture, but also a lot of special products from Kyushu Prefecture which is nearby. It is a very fun shop to visit, even if you are just looking around.