Olive-fed Beef – Premium Brand of Wagyu Beef in Kagawa, Japan

Olive-fed beef is a premium brand of beef produced in Kagawa prefecture, formerly known as Sanuki area. Shodoshima island is renowned for its olive production, and the cattle raised in the region are branded as Olive-fed Beef since they are fed dried olive fruit. Here, we have two stories:

olive-fed-beef-dishes2Story 1: The Distinctive Red Meat of Sanuki Olive-fed Wagyu Beef

The Olive-fed Beef impressed Masayuki Okuda, top Italian chef in Japan. He decided to use the Olive-fed Beef for the menu in his newly opened restaurant, MIYAJIMA Bocca Al-ché-cciano in Miyajima, Hiroshima. Read full story.




Recycling-Based-AgricultureStory 2: The Olive-fed Wagyu Beef Enables Recycling-Based Agriculture
In Shodoshima island, the technique of processing olive skins was developed and olive skins are used as feed. The olive skins are fed to cattle and its manure is used to fertilize the olive farms.  Read full story.