Oyaki – Slow Food That Has 4,000 Years History in Nagano Prefecture


Photo: Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association

What is Oyaki?

Oyaki, a dumpling made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour, with vegetables or pickles are inside, is a traditional food in Nagano prefecture. Nagano has been farming area and farmers were making oyaki for their snacks during the break as it is easy to bring and eat.


The irori was a traditional fireplace at farmhouse, where oyaki was grilled.
Photo: Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association

Now oyaki became a popular snack food nationwide, and some local shops in Nagano are selling oyaki online.


Types of Oyaki

There are variations in cooking style and ingredients.


Cooking Style

Within Nagano prefecture, there are some different types of cooking by region; just pan-broiling, pan-broiling after steaming, steaming after pan-broiling and just steaming. The most popular oyaki is to pan-broil and then steam in the same pan.



Nozawana pickles, egg plants, sweet beans, pumpkins and kiriboshi-daikon(dried radish) are used as major oyaki ingredients. Most families in Nagano have their own taste.


Kiriboshi-daikon(dried radish) Oyaki and Pickles Oyaki

If you have a chance to visit Nagano, you can buy oyaki at local shops and snack stands. Oyaki filled with local vegetables is so yummy. Also oyaki is a vegan friendly food as most of it doesn’t contain meat or fish.