Pacific Saury Salad

This Sanma-Mizumi from Kinoya Ishinomaki Suisan Inc. is cooked in only water and salt. Even so, it contains amazing umami-flavour in itself because they use fish of sashimi quality. It has never fishy taste and it is so wonderful for various simple dish!

Pacific Saury Salad_©Cupido



・1/2 can Sanma-Mizumi (boiled Pacific Saury by Kinoya Ishinomaki Suisan Inc.)
・1/4 bunch lettuce(torn to moderate size)
・1 tbsp. caper
・10 olives (sliced)
・1/2 tomato (cut to 1.5 cm cube)
・1 tbsp. lemon juice
・3 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
・some salt and pepper to taste


1. Stir in all the ingredients except saury into a bowl. When combined well, add saury into it and mix gently not to break the fillet too much.
2. Serve it immediately.