Pan-Fried Potato and Eringi Mushroom with Butter Soy Sauce

Potato and eringi_4_©Cupido



Potato and eringi_1_©Cupido

・2 (250 g) potatoes
・2 (100 g) eringi mushrooms
・10 g butter
・10 g soy sauce
・some cooking oil
・some black pepper
・some green spring onion or other herb



1. Shred the potatoes with the skin on. Then soak them in water and drain them. Meanwhile, shred the eringi by hands.

Potato and eringi_2_©Cupido

Potato and eringi_3_©Cupido

2. Pan-fry the potato with some cooking oil over medium heat until transparent. Add the eringi and cook it. Then, add butter, soy sauce, and black pepper. Dress with some green spring onion.