Pickled Kumquat in Syrup (Kamioki Industry Ltd.)


Pickled Kumquat in Syrup_Kumquat_localproducts

Pickled Kumquat in Syrup

What is Pickled Kumquat Syrup?

Kumquats are a citrus fruit about 2 cm in diameter and are cultivated in Kagoshima and Miyazaki Prefectures. They are rich in vitamins, are known to prevent sore throat, cough, cold, and they are harvested in winter. This product is made with kumquats that have been picked by hand and ripened, and them matured at a low temperature which draws out the umami. To get the final product of syrup, the acidity and the sweetness of the kumquat is pulled out.

We Tried It!

As soon as I opened the seal, the fragrance of kumquat and honey drifted through the air. The fruit of the kumquat is sweet enough to chew and a little acidity also spreads through your mouth while eating. There was a small seed in the middle of the fruit. The syrup was slightly sweet, so I tried it a bit with kumquat on top of yogurt. The sweet kumquat went very well with yogurt. I tried putting the kumquat in sparkling water as well. Biting the kumquat while drinking the water, the sweetness of the kumquat and the refreshing sparkling water were very good. It is perfect for the coming season!

Pickled Kumquat in Syrup_Kumquat_localproducts

Pickled Kumquat

Yogurt_pickled kumquat_ localproducts

Yogurt and Pickled Kumquat

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Pickled Kumquat and Soda

It is Sold Here!

The shop sells a variety of foods, such as special products, vegetables, sweets, and eggs that are products of Fukuoka Prefecture. It has not only products from Fukuoka, but also a lot of special products from Kyushu Prefecture which is nearby, so it is a fun shop to visit even if you are just looking around.