Ponzu-Vinegar and Sesame Oil Dressing

Ponzu is a kind of vinegar made of citrus juice, soy sauce, konbu (seaweed) and so on. It contains lots of umami there. You can simply use ponzu itself. Now you can try the wonderful taste!

Ponzu-Vinegar and Sesame Oil dressing 1_©Cupido



・ 20 ml ponzu-vinegar
・ 1 tsp. sesame seed
・ some salt and pepper to taste
・ 1 tsp. brown sugar
・ 60 ml. sesame oil

・ baguette with fish, meat or vegetables


1. Put ponzu, brown sugar and salt and pepper into a bowl and whisk it until the sugar and the salt dissolve.
2. Add sesame oil gradually with keeping whisking, then stir in sesame seed.
3. Sprinkle onto vegetables and meat with baguette and serve it.

Ponzu-Vinegar and Sesame Oil dressing 2_©Cupido