Ponzu is a kind of vinegar made of citrus juice, soy sauce, konbu (seaweed) and so on. It contains lots of umami there. Therefore when you add ponzu, the dressing becomes wonderful taste!

Ponzu-Vinegrette 1_©Cupido



・ 1 tsp. Dijon grain mustard
・ 40 ml ponzu-vinegar
・ 1 tsp. honey
・ 60 ml pure olive oil
・ 60 ml extra virgin olive oil
・ some salt and pepper to taste

・ tuna salad


1. Add the ponzu-vingar, mustard, honey, salt and pepper into a bowl.
2. Add the olive oil gradually to make emulsion with whisking.
3. Sprinkle to the tuna salad and serve it.

Ponzu-Vinegrette 2_©Cupido