Pork Spareribs with Red Wine and Miso

A fig jam fan be replaced by orange or other fruit jam. For miso, this recipe is using Haccho miso, but you can use every type of miso. (Haccho miso enhances flavor)


400g pork spareribs
2 tbsp fig jam (for pickling
Some fig jam (for source)
400ml red wine
50cc fresh cream
1 tbsp Haccho miso
a dash of soy sauce
Salt and black pepper to taste
a dash of olive oil

1. Prick the pork several times with a fork, and rub it with salt, pepper and fig jam.
2. Place the pork into a zip top bag and leave it in the refrigerator for 1-5 hours
3. Heat olive oil in a medium pan, and sear the pork on all sides first.
4. Add haccho miso and fig gam, and boil until the liquid volume is reduced.
5. Add fresh cream, and soy sauce to taste.
6. Turn off the heat when the ribs are fork-tender.