【Chicken Stock × Soy Sauce】
Pot-au-Feu in Soy Sauce Flavor

It’s no doubt that Japanese dashi stock, made of bonito or konbu-seaweed, matches with soy sauce. Amazingly, it goes well with vegetable stock, chicken stock and fish stock of western style. This recipe is very simple but awesome  flavour. Try it!




・ 200 g bacon(2-3cm blocked )
・ 1 carrot(4cm length)
・ 2 onion(cut to 1/4 )
・ 1/2 cabagge(cut to 1/4 )
・ 2 potato(4cm cube)
・ 1 stalk celery(5cm length)
・ vegetables and meat as you like
・ 750 ml chicken stock or vegetable stock
・ bouquet garni(bayleaf・parsley stalks・thyme)
・ 2 tbsp soy sauce
・ 10 g butter
・ 1 pinch of salt
・ some pepper
・ Dijon mustard to garnish




1. Put the stock into a stew pan over high heat and add carrot, potatoes, bacon, onion and bouquet garni and salt. When it boils, reduce to  low heat and simmer with a cover for about 30 minutes.
2. Add green vegetables like celery and simmer  until soften. Put soy sauce, butter and pepper. Serve hot.


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