【Sake Cocktail】
Citrus Sake Cocktail with Salt and Sugar Rim

You may know those salt rim cocktail such as “salty dog”. It is not only for good looking but the sugar or salt deepen the cocktail’s flavour. In this recipe, I use both salt and sugar to add the cocktail of sake and grapefruit juice more complexity. With the only one more process, you can enjoy the prestige cocktail at home!

Citrus Sake Cocktail with Salt and Sugar Rim_©Cupido




<To rim>
・2 tbsp sugar
・2 tsp salt
・1/2 lemon cut

・100 ml Japanese sake (chilled)
・50 ml grapefruit juice



1. To rim a glass, pour the sugar and salt into a flat plate and mix it.
2. Hold your glass and lemon with each hand and attach them. Then turn your glass around completely to put the lemon juice onto the glass rim. Then turn the glass rim onto the 1.
3. Add ice, sake, and grapefruit juice into the glass gently.