【Sake Cocktail】
Sake and Frozen Banana Cocktail

When brewing sake, yeast is added in the process. There are some yeast which bring a hint of banana flavour into the sake. Inspired by that, I created the cocktail. I guess nobody think that combination!
I’m sure you are surprised at how tasty it is. You can enjoy the good sake flavour and it goes well with banana with a spicy accent. Must try!

Sake and Frozen Banana Cocktail_©Cupido




・1  banana (frozen)
・120 ml Japanese sake (chilled)
・30 ml soy milk
・cinnamon or nutmeg powder



1. Put the frozen banana, sake, and soy milk in a blender and blend them.
2. Pour the 1 into a glass and sprinkle cinnamon powder (or nutmeg).