Salmon and Broccoli Penne

Sake Nakabone-Mizumi is boiled salmon with bones. However you don’t need to remove bones from it. Because bones have already been cooked completely until soften and easy to eat itself. Besides, lots of umami flavour come from them. Trust me and try it!

Salmon and Broccoli Penne



・1 can Sake Nakabone-Mizumi (boiled salmon with bones by KESENNUMA HOTEI Co., Ltd.)
・160 g penne
・some salt to boil penne
・some olive oil
・1 cloves garlic (sliced)
・1 chilli (sliced)
・1/6 bunch broccoli (cut to moderate size)
・some extra virgin olive oil
・some pepper to taste


1. Bring the water to a boil in a large pot with some salt and boil penne.
2. On the other hand, stir fry garlic and chilli, then add Sake Nakabone-Mizumi with all the juice. Add broccoli and cook in the juice.
3. Add the cooked penne into 2, then add extra virgin olive oil and pepper. Stir well over high heat. Serve it immediately.