Salmon Meuniere with Miso Cream Sauce

Salmon Meuniere with Miso Cream Sauce_©Cupido



・ 2 fillet salmon
・ some salt and pepper to season
・ bread flour to dress the salmon
・ 1 tbsp. butter

< Miso cream sauce>
・ 2 tbsp. white wine
・ 1 tbsp. fish stock or vegetable stock
・ 1 tbsp. miso
・ 30 ml cream
・ some water to dissolve starch
・ 1 tsp. corn or potato starch


1. To make the Miso cream sauce, put white wine into a small pan and boil it. Add stock and reduce by half. Reduce to low heat and add cream and miso. Stir well. Thicken the sauce using starch with some water.
2. Season the salmon and dress with flour. Heat a frying pan with butter and pan-fry the salmon. Serve immediately with the sauce.