Seaweed Soup (Uonoya Ltd.)

What is Seaweed Soup?

Seaweed soup that uses natural seaweed from Shimane Prefecture and a soup stock made from rockfish※1. While glutinous rice is molded into a monaka※2, soup ingredients (such as seaweed, seaweed stems, kelp, funori, green onion, etc.) are added on the inside. Then hot water is poured over it and it is eaten.

※1Rockfish  :  Rockfish (nodoguro in Japanese), is another name for blackthroat seaperch (akamutsu in Japanese). It is a white fish and is a luxury in Japan.

※2monaka   :  monaka is a Japanese sweet made from mochi on the outside and filled with bean paste.

We Tried It!

Even after opening the seal, it was hard to believe it was not a sweet with red bean in the middle, called dango. I broke the ball in half in the bowl. I poured the hot water in and waited for a while. The smell was fragrant and reminded me of the ocean. While waiting, the ball softened and I tried to eat a bit. Since it is made from glutinous rice, it was fluffy and soft. The texture was something of a mix between ofu (wheat gluten) and fried tofu. The soup has a deep taste, and is made wee, and it seems that it could be used for udon or ochazuke. It was a delicious soup that matched the glutinous rice ball very well.

Seaweed Soup_ localproducts

Seaweed Soup

Seaweed soup_ localproducts

Seaweed soup

Seaweed soup_ localproducts

Seaweed soup

It is Sold Here!

The shop sells a variety of foods, such as special products, vegetables, sweets, and eggs that are products of Fukuoka Prefecture. It has not only products from Fukuoka, but also a lot of special products from Kyushu Prefecture which is nearby, so it is a fun shop to visit even if you are just looking around.