Sesame Paste with Mentsuyu

Mentsuyu is originally broth for Japanese noodle like Udon or Soba. It is made of soy sauce, dashi stock, sake etc. Normally it is concentrated and we can use to dilute with water.

Sesame Paste with Mentsuyu 1_©Cupido



・ 4 tbsp. sesame paste
・ 2 tbsp. mirin (sweet sake)
・ 1 tbsp. sake or white wine
・ 1 tsp. ginger (grated or chopped finely)
・ 1 tsp. garlic (grated or chopped finely)
・ 1 tbsp. sugar
・ 1~2 tbsp. mentsuyu(depend on the thickness)
・ some water to adjust thickness

<garnished with>
・ pork shabu-shabu salad

1. Mix all the ingredient well.
2. Serve with pork shabu-shabu salad.

Sesame Paste with Mentsuyu 2_©Cupido