It’s never complicated if you can get “koji”. Don’t hesitate to try it!


SERVES: the amount that can be made easily



salt koji_1_©Cupido

・200 g dry or fresh koji (*1)
・60 g natural salt (*2)
・300 ml soft mineral water (in case of using dry-koji) or 200 ml (in case of using fresh-koji)

salt koji_5_©Cupido

(*1) The right one of the upper photo is fresh koji and the left is dry. When crumbled, both koji become grain and seem almost to be the same. However fresh koji can’t keep longer because it contains some water. Meanwhile the dry koji can preserve longer. Just in case, make sure to keep it in a fridge.

(*2) Additional salt would be fine to keep shio-koji longer. However, it shouldn’t be reduced for improvement the shelf life of foods to which the salt penetrate. If you worry about the saltiness, you may use less shio-koji for your dishes.



1. Put the salt and dry or fresh koji into a bowl, and mix well.

salt koji_2_©Cupido


2. Transfer the 1 into a container and pour the water into it and cover loosely with a lid. Make sure that the container should be big enough for gas occurred from fermentation. Also make sure to cover with a lid loosely.”

salt koji_3_©Cupido


3. Rest the 2 at room temperature and mix it once a day. When the fragrance of koji comes out and the grain soften after 10-14 days, shio-koji is now completed.

You can keep shio-koji at room temperature or in a fridge.
After completed, the koji becomes dry to absorb the water for a couple of days. But never mind! It will be smooth and liquefied in another 10 days (the lower right of the photo below) and in another 1 month (the upper right).

salt koji_4_©Cupido

Shio-koji can be completed in a short period of time at warmer temperature. And also, you can add the shio-koji on hand to the new one if you make another one.salt-koji_6_©Cupido