Simmered Pumpkin

Pumpkin should be cooked gently because it is easy to break if overcooked. Also, drop-lid method is to cook and season pumpkin evenly in the cooking liquid. The key to make the dish perfect is to let the pumpkin to absorb the umami flavour of dashi!


Simmered Pumpkin1_©Cupido




・400 g pumpkin (peeled off roughly, cut to 3 cm chunks)
・350 ml dashi stock (or 350 ml water and 1 tsp. instant dashi powder)
・1 tbsp. sugar
・50 ml mirin (sweet sake)
・50 ml soy sauce



1. Put pumpkin into a sauce pan and add dashi stock, sugar, soy sauce and mirin. Bring them to a boil. Once it boiled, reduce the heat to low and simmer with a drop-lid (foil, baking sheet or wooden-lid) for about 12 minutes.

Simmered Pumpkin3_©Cupido
2. When it cooked, turn off the heat and leave it at room temperature for at least 30 minutes to absolve the cooking liquid.
3. Just before serving, warm it up again.