Simmered Squid in its Guts and Tomato Sauce

Make sure not to overcook, otherwise squid become tough! Enjoy the whole squid!

Squid and tomato_4_©Cupido




Squid and tomato_1_©Cupido

・1-3 (200-300 g) squid
・1 (200 g) tomato (roughly chopped)

・1 tbsp. (18 g) miso
・1 tsp. (3 g) sugar



1. Divide the squid arms from the mantle and remove bone from the mantle. Then divide the parts of ink and gut. Peel the mantle and cut all the parts into mouthful size.

Squid and tomato_2_©Cupido
2. Well mix the miso and sugar.
3. Put the tomato, squid, and the 2 mixture into a sauce pan over medium heat and cook until the cooking liquid thickens.

Squid and tomato_3_©Cupido