Soy Bean Hummus

Soy Bean Hummus2_©Cupido




・ 100 g soy beans (dried)
・ 1 tbsp. sesame oil
・ 1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
・ some lemon juice
・ 1 clove garlic
・ cooking water of soy beans or hot water
・ some salt and pepper
・ some cumin powder
・ some cayenne pepper
・ baguette (sliced)



1. Soak dried soy beans into luke warm water for about 4 hours. Put beans into sauce pan and boil it with enough water. When it boiled, skim off the scum well constantly and cook it until soften. If it’s soften, strain and cool it down.
2. Put all of the ingredient into a blender to paste.If needed, add cooking hot water of soy beans to make it smooth.
3. Serve it with baguette or crackers.