Spanish Omelet With Tofu



300g spinach
50g bacon
100g mushroom
shredded cheese, as needed
1 tbsp olive oil

4 eggs
100g Tofu
1/2 tsp chicken or vegetable bouillon mix
Salt and black pepper to taste

1. Wrap the tofu with a paper towel and put a weight on it to drain.
(You can heat the tofu in a microwave for 1 minute to drain, after wrapping with a paper towel)
2. Place the eggs and tofu in the blender and mix until very frothy.
3. Add bouillon mix, salt and pepper and then mix more in the blender.
4. Heat a saute pan over medium heat and, when hot, add the olive oil to the pan.
5. Add spinach, bacon, mushroom and stir-fry. Add salt and pepper to taste.
6. Pour the egg mixture into the pan, and mix.
7. Cover the pan when the egg mixture is soft boiled, and continue to bake on low heat for about 15 minutes until the eggs are set and the bottom is golden.
8. Add shredded cheese, cover the pan and bake on low heat for extra 3 minutes
9. When cheese is melted, slide it onto a plate.