Spicy Shottsuru Mayonnaise

Shottsuru is a seasoning made from fish. There are some similar sauce in Asia like, Nam pla (Thailand), nuoc mum (Viet num) etc.
Shichimi-Togarashi is a kind of chili powder and made of seven spice. The taste is better complicated and give dishes accent tastes.

Spicy Shottsuru Mayonnaise 1_©Cupido



・ 1 tbsp. shottsuru (Japanese fish sauce)
・ 2 tbsp. mayonnaise
・ shichimi-togarasi or cayenne pepper

・ deep-fried fish


1. Mix mayonnaise and shottsuru in a bowl. Then add the shitimi-togarashi to taste.
2. Serve with deep fried fish.

Spicy Shottsuru Mayonnaise 2_©CupidoShottsuru