Steamed Citron Kettle Seabream


Recipe by Yumiko Ishimaru

(Serves 2 people)

2 large Yuzu fruits (Citrus fruits from East Asia)
1 pre-cut Seabream fillet
A couple of Shitake mushrooms (or other mushrooms if you prefer)
*The amount can be adjusted to your personal preference
2 stocks of Komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach) (or regular spinach if that is not available)
4 ginkgo fruits
½ teaspoon salt
¼ tablespoon sake (rice wine)

Before cooking:
The bolded and dotted ingredients should be prepared separately. In advance, mix the kelp stock, soy sauce, and sake (the 10 ml), and heat it up a little

•100 ml kelp stock
•20 ml light soy sauce
•10 ml sake

1.    Slice the fillet into small pieces and then sprinkle the salt and sake (1/4 tablespoon) over it.
2.    Cut off the stems of the shitake mushrooms and then thinly slice the caps. Next look at the ingredients that have been marked with dots and bolded. Add the sliced mushrooms and the komastuna (after washing) into the heated mixture.
3.    Cut off the top of the Yuzu fruits horizontally and keep what you cut off because they will act as lids of the “kettle”. Hollow out the bottom parts of the fruit. Make sure that the white inside is removed especially because it is bitter. Then squeeze the juice into your “kettle”.
4.    Put the mixture (that was dotted and bolded) along with the shitake and komastuna into the “kettles” (The amount you put in should be equivalent to about a mouthful). Then place the gingko into the Yuzu and make it look nice.