SUSHI GUIDE: KANPACHI (Greater Amberjack)

The greater amberjack is very popular high-class fish for sushi. It is called “Kan-pachi” in Japanese and this name is derived from the mark on its forehead which looks like “八”. This Chinese letter means “eight” and it is pronounced “hachi”.

In Japan, the greater amberjack is called differently according to the growth stage and, in addition, there are different names in various regions.

1. Season and Area of Production

The season of grater amberjack is during summer, from June to September. They live in warm sea all over the world. In Japan, they are landed commonly in south of Tohoku area. Kagoshima prefecture stands first in the largest catch of greater amberjack.

2. Savory and Appetizing Kanpachi as Sushi Neta

Small-sized greater amberjack caught in summer is excellent for sushi because of its firm-textured flesh and moderate amount of fat. In addition to the pleasant texture and rich flavor, mild aftertaste is the feature of greater amberjack.


3. Other Ways to Enjoy Kanpachi

You can enjoy greater amberjack in various ways such as sashimi, shabu-shabu, teriyaki (cooked and seasoned with soy sauce and mirin, Japanese sweet cooking rice wine) grilled (simply with salt or marinated in miso), meuniere, and deep-fried (breaded with panko or karaage, Japanese style deep frying) .


Kanpachi Sashimi