SUSHI GUIDE: Hotate(Scallop)

Scallop is really popular among any generations. As a sushi topping, it is sliced by half and topped on sushi.

1. Season and area of production

Scallops are largely farmed through the year, so that there is no special season. The coastal area of Hokkaido, Aomori, and Miyagi is the main production area.

2. Savory and appetizing scallop as sushi neta

Scallop has rich umami flavor and sweetness besides tender and melty texture. When scallops are raised in cold water in winter, they becomes to contain lots of nutrition and rich flavor. Thanks to cultivation, it can be enjoyed throughout the year because of the stable catch and price.

3. Other ways to enjoy scallop

Scallop can be enjoyed raw dishes such as sashimi, salad, and appetizers besides pan-fried dish, tempura, deep- fried dish. A topping of pasta or fired rice and seafood hot pot, and bouillabaisse are also wonderful to enjoy scallops. Dried scallops can be used for soup or stock because of the dense umami flavor.

French food_Scallop

French food using the scallop


Butter firing of the scallop


Seafood salad