Sea urchins have many sharp and dark-colored spines outside, but we can find the bright golden roe (gonads) inside. The sea urchin roe is one of the most popular sea products and it is known as very expensive sushi topping.


1. Season and Area of Production

The wild sea urchins are in season from mid-June to early August. The landing volume in Hokkaido accounts 50 % of total in Japan. Sanriku area and Yamaguchi prefecture are also famous for the production of sea urchin.

2. Savory and Appetizing Sea Urchin as Sushi Topping

Sea urchin is commonly made into Gunkan-maki (warship roll topped with topping and wrapped with a strip of seaweed). This style is well suited for soft and loose topping, so it is perfect for sea urchin. People love the melting texture and the creamy flavor of sea urchin.


Sea urchin – Gunkan-maki

3. Other Ways to Enjoy Sea Urchin

We enjoy raw sea urchins when they are very fresh. Besides being in sushi, Sea urchins are also eaten as Uni donburi (rice bowl dish topped with sea urchin) and Sashimi (served raw with soy sauce and wasabi). In addition, sea urchins are very tasty as Yaki-uni (grilled sea urchin) and pasta sauce. The curing sea urchin for conservation is accounted as one of the three great delicacies of Japan.


Uni Donburi


Sea Urchin Pasta