The Wonderful Japanese Sake Cocktails


“Japanese sake is like vodka, isn’t it?”
When I lived in Singapore, I was shocked to hear someone told me so. Because I thought now sake is getting popular these days around the world, even foreign people know about sake to some extent. However it was not. I realized not so many people know sake’s attractions.

Sake is fermented alcohol and contains around 15% vol. like wine. It is completely different from vodka. There are around 1500 sake brewers throughout Japan and experts make their own sake. Originally it should be enjoyed itself, not for cocktails, I would say. I am a sake lover and I love to drink it as it is. I thought “If I make sake cocktails, sake brewers might be unhappy?”.

However, I considered and put away those ideas. When I was young, I often drink hot wine which is red wine with orange juice with some spice. It was easy to drink and I loved it. Then I came to be interested in wine and now I am an sommelier (wine expert).
Therefore I think that sake cocktail is one of the best ways to know sake’s attractions with lunch or as a aperitif for people who have never tried sake.

As sake has really delicate flavour, strong taste or mixture of many ingredients hide the sake flavour. Therefore, I created those recipe with care to extract sake aroma most.
I am sure they are amazing tasty! Don’t drink too much!