Today’s Choice : Dried Yuba

Dried Yuba (Dried Soybean Skin)

produced by Minami Inc., Kunohe-gun, Iwate prefecture

Iwate Prefnanbu_yubaecture in Japan is home to many natural springs, and is an area that is blessed and famous for its delicious water. In addition, the soybeans grown there are nurtured in very rich soil and boast a very high quality. Minami Inc. (a foods company in Japan), has been using the water from the springs of Iwate Mountain to grow soybeans for their products.





Dried yuba is made when raw yuba (bean curd) is dried out and used as a commodity to be put into various Japanese foods such as miso soup, other kinds of soup, udon (Japanese style noodles), among other dishes. You can put it directly into soup without any kind of preparation, and enjoy the taste along with the health benefits of soy protein.

How to eat?  – you can add Dried Yuba to vegetable, chicken, miso or any type or soup.