Today’s Choice : Mayo Beans

Mayo-beans2Mayo Beans

The Natural Farmers Co. in the city of Odate, located in the Akita Prefecture is a company that does not use egg to make mayonnaise, but instead uses soybeans to make their mayonnaise. The main materials that go into their dressing are all organic products cultivated in Akita Prefecture. Since they use soy beans to make their dressing, it is high in protein, an excellent nutritional value, and the cholesterol and calories have been greatly reduced compared to regular mayonnaise. Also, since there is no egg used in the dressing, those with egg allergies do not have to worry and can enjoy without hesitation. There are many ways to enjoy this dressing. You can use it like regular mayonnaise, you can use it as a dip for vegetables, you can mix it with olive oil and/or lemon and use it like a salad dressing, or many other ways. The taste is similar to normal mayonnaise, but you can enjoy a more creamy and refreshing taste.