Tomato Soup (Niji Agricultural Cooperative)

What is Tomato Soup?

Ukiha City in Fukuoka Prefecture is a tomato-producing prefecture, famous for the “momotaro” variety of tomato which has a high sugar content. Momotaro is a large tomato, which are shipped as soon as they are ripe on the tomato plant. With the high sugar content, it is useful and salads and other things. The soup make with momotaro is made with domestic cabbage, carrots, onion, in addition to the tomatoes, without using any seasonings.

<It won the Heisei 26 Fukuoka Prefectural Governor Award and the grand prize in the 2012 Japan Japan Agricultural Newspaper >

Ukiha City_Fukuoka_Kyushu

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We Tried It!

Since the soup is a product that is freeze-dried, it is easy to have just by adding some hot water. It’s perfect for a busy morning meal. When you eat the soup, the sweetness of the tomato spreads throughout your whole mouth.  The soup doesn’t taste sour, and the taste of the consommé adds to the sweetness of the tomatoes. The soup is filled with a lot of cabbage, carrots, and onions, so we could feel full with the vegetables and the soup. While the soup is a dried product, the taste is that of a solid vegetable.






It is Sold Here!

The shop sells a variety of foods, such as special products, vegetables, sweets, and eggs that are products of Fukuoka Prefecture. It has not only products from Fukuoka, but also a lot of special products from Kyushu Prefecture which is nearby, so it is a fun shop to visit even if you are just looking around.