Ume Tofu (Aisome-do)


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Ume Tofu

What is Ume Tofu?

It is a product of a shop called “Aisome-do”, which has been making pickles and food preserved in soy sauce for nearly 40 years in a village near Mt. Takachiho in Miyazaki Prefecture. Ume tofu is made by taking tofu which has had the moisture removed and baking it, then marinating it with seasonings such as plum (ume) juice, shiso (Japanese basil), vinegar, salt, sugar, etc. Because the salt content is high, it is cut thinly before eating.


We Tried It!

First, the taste of plum vinegar spread all over my mouth. The refreshing taste of the plum can be felt, and the texture of the tofu itself is a bit chewy and seems to be like cheese. Since the outer layer had been baked once, it was a bit fragrant. While slowly eating the plum tofu, I drank a cup of warm tea. The tofu seems to match well with wine or Japanese sake.

Ume Tofu_localfoods

Ume Tofu

It is Sold Here!

Located in the town of Takachiho in Miyazaki Prefecture, the roadside rest area “Takachiho” is situated in the wilderness where you can see the sights of Takachiho Gorge. There is also a restaurant that you can enjoy a local meal with plenty of vegetables, pickles, and local specialties which are all made in Takachiho.