【Vegetables × Soy Sauce】
Aromatic Grilled Vegetables with Soy Sauce

“Grilled corn with soy sauce” is quite popular snacks in Japan’s summer festival scene. Everyone loves it! When soy sauce burn a bit, it smells really flagrant and sharpen your appetite. Browned soy sauce gives off the sweetness of vegetables





・ 1 corn
・ 1/4 courgette(1.5cm sliced)
・ 1/4 bell pepper(battoned)
・ 2  asparagus
・ 50 g pumpkin(1cm sliced)
・ 50 g potato(1cm sliced)
・ other vegetables as you like

・ cooking oil
・ some soy sauce
・ extra virgin olive oil



1. Tough vegetables like potato, pumpkin corn need to boil or microwaved in advance.
2. Coat with cooking oil over grill pan. When a little smoke comes out and make sure enough  hot, glaze the vegetables with soy sauce and then grill them. After they get coloured, glaze soy sauce on another side and turn to grill.
3. Sprinkle olive oil and serve it.


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