What is Tofu?

Tofu is a popular food derived from soybeans. It is made by curdling fresh soya milk, pressing it into a solid block and then cooling it.
Since hundreds of years ago, Tofu has been made and sold by independently-operated Tofu makers in town across Japan. They were making Tofu in very early morning around 4-5am every day, since Tofu was very popular ingredients for Miso soup for Japanese breakfast. Now, Tofu is mainly mass produced by Tofu manufacturers and their Tofu is sold in supermarket. While the number has been decreased, there are still independent Tofu makers in town.Tofu is an nutritious and healthy food especially good source of protein, as Tofu enables soybean’s nutrition to be digested and absorbed in our body well. Tofu is also very convenient food which can be used for variety cooking ways such as baked, boiled, pan fried, stir fried, deep fried and steamed. And yes, it can be eaten raw.RealJapaneseFoodies.com introduce not only Japanese traditional way of Tofu cooking, but also various ideas to use Tofu in other styles like Italian food. Some dishes are applicable as vegetalian/vegan food, and others are cooked with meat or fish!  We hope it will help good diet in your country. Give it a try!