Yamabiko Miso (Mitsuse Village Local Products Promotion Subcommittee of Saga City)


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Yamabiko Miso

What is Yamabiko Miso?

Mitsuse Village is a small farming area rich in nature, located in Saga Prefecture which also has abundant nature. Yamabiko miso is made in that village, which is miso made with only malted rice, soybeans, and salt. The process of making it is completed by combining rice and natural water which are from Mitsuse Village, and soybeans and natural salt cultivated in Saga Prefecture by hand, and aging the mixture for 5-6 months.  Since the miso is not sterilized by heating, the yeast continues to ferment. As a result, the taste and umami will become deeper as it matures.


We Tried It!

Yamabiko Miso_localproducts_miso

Yamabiko Miso

Sweet! The first impression I had of it when I tried it by itself was that it was sweet. The taste of soybeans and rice is strong. It has a different taste compared to miso generally bought at supermarkets. Even though it has a rich and deep taste, it is not salty. I thought the best way to enjoy it was to eat it plain, with vegetables. The taste of each of the ingredients was strong, which made for a unique and deep handmade taste.

Yamabiko Miso_local products_miso

Cucumber with Yamabiko Miso

It is Sold Here!

It is a shop selling many various foods, such as special products, vegetables, sweets, and eggs that are from Fukuoka Prefecture. The shop carries things not only from Fukuoka Prefecture, but also many special products from each prefecture of Kyushu, which is located nearby. It is a very fun shop to visit even if you are just browsing!