Yanagawa Soybean Mayonnaise  (JA Yanagawa)



What is Yanagawa Soybean Mayonnaise?

It is a mayonnaise-style dressing which is made without using eggs by using soy milk from Yanagawa, located in Fukuoka Prefecture, made with soybeans called “fukuyutaka※1”.  It is healthy because it does not use any seasonings or preservatives.

It was the recipient of the 14th Fukuoka Industrial Design Awards Grand Prize and also the 2013 Japan Agricultural Newspaper’s “One Village, One Product” Grand Prize.

※1fukuyutaka :The type of soybean which is grown the most in Japan. It is a soybean which can easily be processed into tofu because it hardens easily due to its high protein content.

We Tried It!

I was surprised to eat it as I was prejudiced against a mayonnaise that does not use eggs. This does not mean that the taste of the soybeans is overpowering. Tasty, sweet, mellow, with a refreshing acidity. I felt that it was almost the same as mayonnaise. However, this mayonnaise has actually zero cholesterol and the lipids are also significantly low, so it is a very suitable product for those who are trying to prevent certain lifestyle-related diseases or who are dieting. I tried eating it accompanied with vegetables and also on fried fish. Added in with ingredients or on with finished dishes it became a great accent.

Yanagawa Soybean Mayonnaise_Fukuoka_Yanagawa_mayonnaise_soybean

Vegetables and Yanagawa Soybean Mayonnaise


Yanagawa Soybean Mayonnaise_mayonnaise_soybean

Fried fish and Yanagawa Soybean Mayonnaise

It is Sold Here!

It is a store in Fukuoka Prefecture selling specialty products, fresh vegetables, sweets, eggs, and other food items. It sells not only items from Fukuoka Prefecture, but also a lot of special products from each prefecture of the nearby Kyushu Prefecture, so it is a very fun shop to even just take a look around in.