Mochi is a popular Japanese treat. It has been enjoyed in Japan for generations upon generations. It is a chewy rice cake. The texture is unlike anything you would find in western countries. There are also many different types of mochi. The mochi this article will discuss is called zunda mochi. Zunda mochi is famous in Miyagi prefecture in the southern Tohoku region located north of Tokyo on Japan’s main island.

Zunda mochi is made of unsweetened mochi coated with edamame paste that has been slightly sweetened. For those of you who don’t know, edamame are green soy beans.  To make the paste, the outer skins of young soy beans are removed and mashed up in a mortar with a dash of sugar and salt. In the end, you get a textured, green bean paste that has a slight but not overpowering sweetness. The mochi boiled and then served with a topping of the edamame paste[1].

There are many other confectionaries that used zunda paste. It is used in many Japanese-style treats such as on top of shiratama dango, which makes zunda mochi. It is also used in daifuku, which is mochi that has a filling inside, in this case zunda. Manju (steamed buns with various fillings) can also be filled with zunda. One other way to enjoy zunda is by eating it in dorayaki, which is basically two pancakes with a filling in between. It can also be enjoyed in western confectionaries such as crepes, pies, cheesecake, roll cake, madeleine cookies, and pudding.

The green edamame used in zunda mochi are packed with more vitamin C and A compared to regular soy beans. This makes zunda mochi perfect for keeping up your energy levels in summer heat. In addition, the green soy beans contain lots of rich vitamins and vegetable protein that you get from green and yellow vegetables. Thus, it gathered attention as a very nutritious and healthy food, earning it the nickname “meat of the field”, because of its nutrient-rich properties.

If you are looking to buy this treat, Miyagi prefecture is the perfect place, as zunda mochi is a traditional food of the area. It is widely sold in pastry shops around the prefecture and also in supermarkets and department stores in the area. Of course, since it is a popular treat, zunda mochi is also sold in the confectionary area of department stores in major cities across Japan. You can also make your own zunda mochi at home using mochi and a pre-made zunda package called “zunda mochi no ki”. Just follow the directions on the back of the package and you will be able to enjoy this tasty Japanese-style treat from the comfort of your own home! You can find these zunda packages being sold at this location https://www.marumiya.co.jp/cms/web/viewitem/4123/1.

If you have the chance to try this delicious but nutritious sweet, please do so! Whether you buy it in a store or make it yourself at home, you are guaranteed to enjoy it!

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